time has stopped, we are counting memories …

I'm slowly realizing, life goes by...

I counted days, weeks, months, years... let's stop counting like this, I counted myself.
I started counting by events, like for example before the war and after the war, because standards changed, sufferings and sacrifices happened. We count and remember events, crises.
Refugee protests in the Vučijak camp due to bad conditions, winter, cold, refused help from the Red Cross and others, except us. We are not praised, we are accused of encouraging them to protest.
Rape of minors in the love room according to European standards of camp Bira. The police demolished the rooms and took the minors to safety, was anyone responsible for that?
A fire in the Lipa camp, we have come to the road, the camp on the right, it is still smoking, snow, refugees are looking for shelter under a piece of nylon, some of them have blue legs. About 1,500 of them. On the left is a meadow where all possible organizations are standing and doing an assessment, always that assessment. Confused, I ask why you don't help? the answer was security is at risk. When we asked if we could help, we got the answer that we don't have approval, and who issues approvals, so we don't approve you to help????
IOM resettles refugees. They got into 20 buses like sardines, the tents and sleeping bags we gave them were stacked in the boxes under the seats. They were held captive the whole time until they dismantled the rest of the camp. People were thrown out onto the snow-covered road. We again distributed tents and sleeping bags to them. We appealed to the Ministry of Security. "Europe is playing with human lives, they withdrew, if one person dies we are responsible". The state is waking up, taking over migration and taking care of refugees, we are forming Kam Lipa.
Žegar field, jungle camp behind the hospital. refugees try to cross the border, they are stopped by criminals wanting money, the result is 2 dead and 18 seriously injured.
Kidnapping of 5 minors between 13 and 15 years old in the area of Bulgaria by local criminals looking for a quick profit. They attacked us twice, while we were giving first aid to the victims. The police come, there is a traffic accident, we provide help. Searching for missing children late into the night.
Flood in Bihać. Several urban settlements were flooded. Volunteers gather in the house of our organization. We divide into teams. Civil protection failed. We organize ourselves through Facebook, where we receive appeals and send help.
An abandoned child. We met a group of 20 people and two children. We called everyone for several hours until late at night, in the end a man came and took 20 people and one child away, and they left the other on the road. We called the authorities until morning, but no one responded. we recorded the whole situation, conversations and published it. We are not allowed to help the child, while no one wants to help. The phones are ringing, the pressure is on to delete the video. We have become "persona non grata" with all organizations that suck money intended for helping refugees.
Two Pakistani gangs fight for territory, several wounded, one dead. We are all on our feet. All vehicles are active. We transport the wounded, the crying ones explain to us about the current kidnappings of their friends. Together with the police, we extract a group of people and drive them to safety. I am personally transporting a wounded person who the day before seriously wounded another person whom we barely kept alive. I'm confused.
Migration stops. The campsites are empty. Refugees are rarely seen. Organizations are literally scrambling for them in order to fulfill their programs and keep their budgets, it's funny and sad.
Invasion of refugees, Chechens and Kurds. They are exploited by local smugglers. it lasted for several months and again silence.
A few days ago, statistics said that in the current year, more refugees passed in eight months than in 2019 during the crisis...
Croatia respects human rights...
Slovenia complains that Croatia respects human rights too much...
During the day, normal life takes place. Usual traffic jams for around 3 hours... a new dimension is born at night. Hundreds of people are busily marching, dozens of taxi drivers are buzzing left and right, we calculated that they earn hundreds of thousands of euros a year per taxi vehicle...
I notice that I'm getting older, I've missed a part of my life, helping the vulnerable. Sometimes I stop, look at the children, they have grown...

Before the war, there was a better standard, better healthcare...
After the war, there is no work, we are leaving en masse for Europe...
The start of migration...
Camp Vučijak protests
Camp Bira rape, protests
Camp Miral corona
Camp Sedra
Camp Lipa fire
Ukraine war humanitarian transport
Turkey earthquake in Hatay, rescue mission
Syria, humanitarian convoy
This one died, that one died, and they were young
We stopped counting time, we count memories...

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